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Norman Spencer Ballard

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
( Norman is also mentioned on the June 22 1917 Central School Honour Roll )
Norman Spencer Ballard  131st Battalion.  Signed his attestation papers, along with his brother Stanley Cooke Ballard on the 14th of January 1916 at New Westminster, B.C  790397  Service File: PDF     labourer. Born on the 16th of October 1898 at the, Lomas Farm, Sandhurst, Kent, England.  Active: 104th Regt.   He saw action in France.

FATHER: Thomas Ballard  1866 - 1928
MOTHER:  Frances Matilda Cooper 1865 – 1945
The family immigrated to Canada from England in 1903, and the 1911 Census captured them at Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

Frances Edith Ballard,  Thomas Sidney Ballard, (1890-1962), Percy Samuel Ballard(1893-1964), Lillian Annie Ballard "Rowland",(1897-), Harold Edward Ballard,(1900-1976), Alexander Espenette Ballard,(1906-), Bessie May Ballard "McLeod",(1908-)

 Norman, married Dorothy Louise Zimmerman in 1937 at Los Angeles, California.

Dorothy Louise Ballard

Norman Spencer Ballard, died in July 1966 Redondo Beach, California.

Bugle Band, 1916
Top Row (left to right):  William Henry Gracey, Lance-Corporal William Sprott Gamon,
       Norman Spencer Ballard, Kenneth Douglas Muir, Clement Fleury, John MacKay Linn, Robert Carl Paige, S. McRorry, Charles Walter Eldon Byard Gilley.
Second Row:  Edward Cadenhead, William Roy Donkersley, Francis Thomas Appleyard, J. Broughton, G.S. Menzies, Lance-Corporal  Manning Armstrong Mortison, Thomas Phillip Malone, William Arthur Fox, Lance-Corporal William Lipp Ross jr.,  F. McKenzie.
Third Row:  R.C. McDonald, Corporal George Grady, C. Money, (Claude Vincent Money?) A.G. Shaw, Harry Raymond Barker, F.G. Wood, C. Stewart, Victor Thomas Crispin, R. Reid, Harold Armitage, H.R. Hunter, Thomas George Braine.
Front Row:  William Kearsley, Drum Major A.S. Leslie, Rolf Ingvald Hendricksen,(Ralph Ingvald Henricksen)

George Phillip Bainbridge

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
George Phillip Bainbridge 103rd Battalion.   Signed his attestation papers on the 10th of February 1916 at Victoria, B.C.  706952  contractors secretary. Born on the 16th of January 1886 South Elkington, Linconshire, England.   Home: 1121 Mears Street, Victoria.

FATHER: Issac Bainbridge
MOTHER:  Marion King

WIFE: Deborah Beverley (1885 – 1971 )
DAUGHTER:  Amity L. Brewster, married to,  L.W. Brewster

George died on the 16th of February 1981 at West Vancouver. He spent many years  as a philatelist and numismatic

NOTE:  Unknown what his connection was to Coquitlam or, Port Coquitlam

Ernest Austen

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
    Ernest Austen  131st Battalion  "D" Co.   Attestation paper signed on the 2nd of February 1916 at New Westminster, B.C.  790527 Service File: PDF.  linotype operator. Born on the 5th of August 1880  Tonbridge, Kent, England.    active: 104th Regiment . Living at Port Coquitlam. [  I suspect that he was involved with Coquitlam Star, newspaper concern ]
WIFE: Annie Austen
Ernest spent 9 months in Canada in the 131st Battalion, and then was sent to England for three months where he was assigned to the 47th battalion, and from there to France.
Discharged at Vancouver 31st of March 1919, with slight hearing loss, from a concussion.
FATHER: Quelas Austen
MOTHER: Annie Cooper
Ernest Austen 5 August 1874 – 7 January 1952  buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C.
In 1913  Ernest, married Annie Seaker  ( 1884 – 1972 )
His wife's maiden name frequently is miss-spelt: Seeker, Secour.
     Her parents were: Robert Seaker, and Harriet Brown
The family lived for many years at  2546  East 45th Ave., Vancouver. Ernest appears to have spent most of his career as a  lino typist, compositor, retiring in 1944.
No. 14 Platoon
Top Row: G. Brown, Percy Gibb, Hosford Franklin Nagle, Leslie Lemuel Evans Goldsmith, William Gower, S. Brown, John Simon Whittaker, James Alvin Scott, J. Gourlay, F. Jackson, P.J. Leidmeier, Frederick Harvard.
Second Row: Marmaduke George Bateman, Ralph Wellington Atkinson, Herbert William Henry, Harry Gower, J. Walker, John Gleave, James Arthur Hayne, Joseph Ladoux,
William Perry Patten, J. Stewart, D. Dougherty,(David or Daniel Dougherty).
Third Row: George Dalziel, J. MacKenzie, Justin Dorr, G. Williams, John Henry Griffiths,
William Henry Lawrence, A. Henderson, Ernest Turner, Wilfred Harold Coleman,
Walter John Wigmore, Edward Cadenhead, Abe Denson.
Fourth Row: Albert Richard Eden, David Gillies, James Glass, William Herbert Simpson, F. Grant, Ernest Austen, James Joseph Shea, Roy Torrence Hildebrand,
Martin Marin Beadle, James Lyall Goldsmith.
Front Row: Corporal Harry Carter, Company Sergeant Major Richard Arthur Henderson,
Lieutenant Vyvyan Chard Brimacombe, Lieutenant Keith Campbell MacGowan,
Company Quartermaster Sergeant Leslie George Rayner, Sergeant Edward Groves,
Corporal Robert Albert Victor Cheale, Bugler Victor Thomas Crispin.

Source: 131st Battalion album, 1916   New Westminster Public Library  ( low quality scan )
But I have elaborated on the names list

Ralph Wellington Atkinson

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
Ralph Wellington Atkinson  131st Battalion  790491 Service File: PDF   carpenter.  Born on the 23rd of October 1875 Whitchurch Township, York County,Ontario. Home: Port Coquitlam, at enlistment. WIFE: Margaret “Maggie” Ann Morley,( 1877 – 1949 ) 
Second WIFE: Minnie Brillinger ( 1883 – 1964 )
Ralph signed his attestation papers on the 8th of February 1916 at New Westminster, B.C.
FATHER: Richard Atkinson ( 1846 – 1926 )
MOTHER: Catherine Steckley ( 1851 – 1906 )
Ralph W. Atkinson, died January 2nd,1954, and is buried at the Heise Hill cemetery, Gormley, York, Ontario.
CHILDREN: Ethel May Atkinson (25 March 1901 - ), Charles Ambrose Atkinson ( 1903 - 1904 ), Lambert (Luke) Everett Atkinson ( 1905 -  1987 ), Dorothy Pearl "Burton" ( 1908 - 1998 ), Samuel Atkinson  ( January 1912 - March 1912 )
Siblings:  Samuel Atkinson 1872 - 1955
Selena Ethel Atkinson 1876 - 1954
David Ambrose Atkinson 1879 - 1900
Edith May "Galbraith"  Atkinson 1884 - 1974
Flossie Arvilla Pearl Atkinson ( 1894 - 1969 )

Notes for Ralph Wellington Atkinson ( found online, transcribed here.. )
       Ralph served in the Army in WW1. It looks, from the cap badge in his picture as if he served with the 29th Battalion. They were also known as the Westies. His attestation papers and a copy of the cap badge are in the photo scrap book.He had served with the 104th Regt militia but joined up in New Westminster on the 8 Jan 1916. His service number was 790491
We ordered his service record which is summarized as follows:
In any event, he was attested in New Westminster BC on the 8th of February 1916. He shows his date of birth as 23 Oct 1875 and that he was born at Bethesda Ontario. He was living in Port Coquitlam at the time and Maggie’s address as next of kin was Port Coquitlam. He shows his occupation as a carpenter and that he had been a member of the 104th Regiment as a member of the militia.
He was 40 years old when he signed up. That is really old for a soldier to sign up. He was 5’ 83/4” tall. He had no abnormalities except a scar on his left leg. He showed his religion as Methodist.
He joined the 131st Battalion on the 8 Feb 1916. His regimental number was 790491. He completed a form called Particulars of Family of an officer or man enlisted in the CEF. There are some details on it, particularly that Maggie would have a Richmond Hill address while he was overseas. He lists three children at that time, Ethel May 15, Lambert 10 and Dorothy 8.
He arrived in England on the SS Coronia from Halifax on the 11 Nov 1916. He is trained at Shorncliffe, and then posted overseas to the 29th Battalion in France on the 14 Feb 1917. It is perhaps worthwhile noting that at this time new battalions coming from Canada, were broken up and the men used to re-supply the existing battalions. The 29th Battalion was also known as the Vancouver Battalion as most of its original men were from that area. It was a Battalion that was in the 2nd Contingent that went over and Uncle Ralph appears to have joined it in France. The cap badge in the photo of he, Maggie and the children is of the 131st Battalion.
On the 10th of April 1917, he enters hospital for an accidental cut on his right thigh. He is discharged the 11th of May 1917.
On the 13 June 1917, he is hospitalized with appendicitis and is transported to Bologne France for an appendectomy. He is discharged back to the 29th Battalion on the 18 July 1917.
12th Jan 1918 he is granted 14 days leave.
The 8th of Feb 1918 he received a Good Conduct Badge (This is an inverted fabric chevron worn on the lower sleeve that indicates a good soldier) Returns to the 29th the 3rd of May 1918.
The 11th of August 1918, during the Pursuit to Mons, he receives a gun shot wound to his right forearm. He is treated and evacuated to England. He is treated at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Seaforth England. He is discharged to the 3rd CCD ? on Light Duty in Shorncliffe in Nov 1918. By that time the war is over and he is sent home on the 7 Dec 1918. He arrives in Montreal on the SS Olympic and is discharged at Toronto on the 6 Jan 1919.
Famous battles he was in were Passchendaele, Amiens and Arras.
He is not mentioned in the 29th Battalion’s War Diary.
After the war, there seems to be pay records that he received, at least for a short time, some pension.
There are also records indicating that a portion of his pay was sent to Maggie in Canada by the War Office.
He came back to Ontario and worked as a carpenter. He became a contractor and builder in Richmond Hill. Louise told us that he had a little terrier dog and that he used to put a mint on his nose and tell him not to eat it until he told him to. The dog would faithfully let the candy sit there until Ralph said OK.
He died 2 Jan 1954 sitting in Cliff Gordon's car on the main street of Stouffville. Apparently suffered a heart attack.
--- 30 ---
If the following newspaper article is correct the story of his death above is incorrect.
Stouffville Tribune, Stouffville, Ontario 7 January 1954, page one

William John Alward

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll

William John Alward  Driver in the 68th O/S Depot Field Battery.  Attestation papers: 339089 (1) – (2)  Service File: PDF    Signed the papers on the 12th of July 1916 in Vancouver. railroad fireman. Home: Coquitlam.  born on the 21st of January 1892 Havelock, New Brunswick. Died on the 21st of July 1958 at Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. William is buried in the,  Cranbrook General Cemetery. At his death home was, 121 9th Ave., Cranbrook, B.C.. And he was a locomotive fireman, for the C.P.R.
FATHER: George Chipman Alward ( 1858-1939 )
MOTHER: Alva Cusack
In 1922 at Cranbrook, William married, Margaret Elizabeth St. Eloi ( 1900 – 1970 )
DAUGHTER: Geraldine A. Holmes neé Geraldine A. Alward
SISTER: Mabel Josephine Alward, ( 1894 - )
And probably more siblings, and children.

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David Oadis Allport

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
David Oadis Allport    Corporal in the 131st Battalion.  791052       born on the 8th of September 1873 in Odessa, Ontario. farmer.  widow. SON: Elmo (Elms) Oscar Allport, Drafted 3352380   (23 July 1896 Jolliette, Quebec – ) David was active in the104th Regiment, and signed his attestation papers on the 16th of May 1916 in New Westminster, B.C.

WIFE: Elizabeth Jane Bell, ( 1875 – 1914  Port Coquitlam; complications from a  placenta praevia )  He remarried in Ontario in 1921 to, Emma May Burrows.
DAUGHTER: Beryl G.  Davisson, neé Beryl G. Allport ( 4th May 1898- )
Allport Family in the 1881 Census: Ontario, Lanark South, Elmsley North.
DAUGHTER: Carmen Allport
FATHER: Darius Allport 1842-1929
MOM: Marjory Honour Fuller 1850-1924 ( had 12 children )
Brother: Harry Warren Allport, (22 July 1885 – 1962 Smith Falls, Ontario) he homesteaded in  the NW sec 17 Twp 41 R23 W3, not far from his brother. Harry was drafted 305615Brother?:  Royal Garfield Allport ( 1893 - 1969 )

Excerpt from Battleford Sheet, (Saskatchewan)
Red square is David Oadis Allport’s crown grant and NE Section 24 Twp 41 Range23 W3 ( also:  SW Section 36 Twp 40 Range23 W3; . NOT on the above map, it would be directly below )
Blue square is Harry Warren Allport’s crown grant  NW section 17 Twp 41 Range23 W3
Another map of the land grants, taken from a geological map

The nearest town is Unity, Saskatchewan.

NOTE:  So unknown when David died, and also if he actually saw active service in Europe.

William Roderick Allison

Port Coquitlam Cenotaph

“Rod” Allison is commemorated on the eastern side of the
plinth of the Cenotaph located in Port Coquitlam’s Veteran’s Park
Eastern side of the plinth
      Photo of William Roderick Allison from a 1921 commemorative album, created
by the Bank of Montreal, for whom Rod worked for in Port Coquitlam.
Source: Memorial of the Great War, 1914-1918 : a record of service (1921)

William R. Allison
Gunner, Canadian Garrison Artillery, C.E.F.
      Was born in New Westminster, in 1897, the son of William Allison, Bank manager. After completing his education in the schools of his native place he entered the service of the Bank of Montreal. He enlisted early in 1917, in his 19th year, as a Private in the Canadian Infantry and arrived in France with his unit in the following autumn. He was sent almost immediately with his unit to the Ypres salient to take part in the operations for the capture of Passchendaele Ridge. He had been a year on active service when he was severely wounded by enemy fire in September, 1918, in an attack during the Canadian advance towards Cambrai. He was evacuated to England for treatment, but his wounds proved fatal and he died in the hospital at Buxton, Derbyshire, on February 24th, 1919. He was one of three brothers who served in the war.

William Roderick "Rod" Allison, 68th Battery.   Born on the 17th of May 1897 at New Westminster, B.C.   339636   He enlisted on the 3rd of April 1917, and listed his occupation as bank clerk, and living in Port Coquitlam. His next of kin was his father  William Allison, 1234 St. James St., Oak Bay, Victoria, B.C.
“Rod” was a Gunner in the 4th Canadian Siege Battery, 2nd Brigade, Canadian Garrison Artillery Died 24th February 1919 aged 21.

1918 November 7  The Daily Colonist
Gunner, Allison
     Gunner, W. Roderick Allison, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Allison, of 2382 Saratoga Avenue, Victoria, has been wounded during the recent fighting around Cambrai, and is now in hospital in England with injuries to the chest and a fractured right arm.  One of his brothers, who belongs to the Princess Pats, is also in hospital after a long period in the trenches, and a second brother is first mechanic with the R.A.F. in Ontario.

1919 March 1, page 5 The Daily Colonist
Gunner Allison dies
New Westminster, Feb. 28.--- A cable was received today that Gunner William Roderick Allison, youngest son of Mr. William Allison, former Auditor-General of the province, and a nephew of the late Sir Richard McBride,  had succumbed in hospital at Buxton, England. He served sixteen months in France with the artillery. Before going overseas he was on the staff of the Bank of Montreal at Port Coquitlam. He was 22 years of age.
Article  From  The Daily Colonist 1917 December 16 

( the mother of three fighting men )
         Dear women, the beloved of our fighting men, remember how they need us now, to "stand by" and send them help to "carry on"! Delay is defeat! Delay is betrayal!

          Canada is entered for the finish, and must not falter! Sink all party feeling, now. Vote for the Union Government, pledged to send immediate help. Without it our men must fail. What then will come to us? Not only their contempt, be well assured. To wait for volunteers is fallacy. Dear women, there never was such an opportunity for us to help! Let us seize it! Let us use it!

Gertrude McBride ( 1866 – 1945 ) was the mother of William Roderick Allison, and was a New Westminster May queen in 1877, eldest daughter of Arthur Hill McBride ( 1836 - 1909) warden of the B.C. Penitentiary, and Mary Agnes D'arcy (1866-1945 ), her brother was Sir Richard McBride
Richard McBride ca.188-
Source: New Westminster Archives  IHP2209
Sir Richard McBride, K.C.M.G.  1903
photographer: John Savannah.  source:  Vancouver Archives A35778
Arthur Hill McBride, ca.187-  Arrived in New Westminster in 1869 and was first warden of the B.C. Penitentiary.     Source: New Westminster Archives   IHP2464

Father: William Allison  1865 - 1929
On the 4th of August 1914 William Allison, Auditor-General signed a $1,150,000 cheque to pay for two submarines that were originally built for the Chilean government, but they never took possession of them.
William worked for the Bank of B.C., and its successor Canadian Bank of Commerce, then the Land Registry Office, in New Westminster, later was the Government Agent for Hazelton. Government passed Audit act in 1913 he was appointed Auditor-General April 1, 1913 - January 1, 1917, then the office was abolished. not another Auditor-General until 1977. The very first Auditor-General was in 1861.
William was a brother-in-law of Sir Richard McBride who led the Conservative Government at the time. William also warned that the government was spending more than the incoming revenue in December 1913.
He married Gertrude McBride on the 12th of October 1892 at New Westminster, B.C.

They had three sons:

Arthur Leonard Allison  1893 - 1959    Arthur married, Viola Petrie, in 1921 at Vancouver.  Arthur also served in war as a mechanic in the R.A.F., in Ontario.

Alexander John “Jack” Allison ( 18951970 ) Alexander married Sarah Beatrice “Bea” Matheson, in 1935 at New Westminster. Attestation 487528
Jack was  seriously wounded at Lens, but recovered from his injuries and returned to New Westminster. A graduate of Royal City High School, Jack Allison was a noted local athlete. He had begun his study of law at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, Ontario, and was articling at the law firm of Whiteside, Edmonds, and Whiteside. However, in 1916 he interrupted his study of law to enlist in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. After the war, he returned to his studies and graduated from Osgoode Hall in 1921.Upon his return to New Westminster, he opened his own office in the Westminster Trust Building.
Allison Street, in New Westminster was named after him in 1973. Lived at 901 Edinburgh Street, New Westminster for a long time. Became Alderman, and Mayor of New Westminster in his career.

  18 January 1916, postcard, mailed from Canadian Convalescent Camp, Woodcote Park, Epsom, Surrey, England.
  Left to Right: Thure Storme, 790668 (1898 – 1975 ), Jack Allison, Hugh  Stone Cunningham, 154572  ( 1894 – 1971 ),  Norman  Geoffrey Miller Lougheed, 487313
( 1894 – 1984 )  Norman, used  the name of  Miller Lougheed
Source: New Westminster Archives  Record ID 30454
William R. Allison's grave at Buxton Cemetery, Buxton, Derbyshire, who died 24 February 1919.  Source:  New Westminster Archives, Record ID: 30441
buxton cemetery
Headstone at the Buxton Cemetery, Derbyshire England

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Kenneth James Charles Alison

Port Coquitlam Honor Roll

Kenneth James Charles Alison, signed up in New Westminster March 10, 1915. attestation paper: (1) - (229754 stated he was a mechanical engineer, and single.  He was born in Sydney, Australia on the 7th of February 1891.  His father was: Clarke Alison.
I find a reference to a 2nd Lieutenant Royal Artillery, Australia with the same name; and a death in 1936.

Thomas Alexander

Port Coquitlam Honor Roll

Thomas Alexander, signed up in Vancouver October 1st 1915.  129848 (attestation paper: (1)-(2)  he was a carpenter, born 26 June 1885 (1883 on dcert.) in Darby Ayrshire, Scotland.
Thomas was married January 30, 1914 in Port Coquitlam, to Nellie Gibson, the daughter of, William Gibson, and Helen Marshall. His parents were William Alexander, and Elizabeth unknown.

Nellie Alexander, nee Gibson was born in Scotland August 4th, 1890, and died in Vancouver on the 30th of April 1943, buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C.

Thomas Alexander died in Vancouver on the 22nd of May 1938, at the age of 54 years, and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C.
At least one child: Helen G. Hunter.

Goal for this blog

First post on this blog.
It will contain mostly a quick summary of those who served their country during World War one, in the Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Essondale areas of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.
It will also include numerous names not previously listed in the historical records of those who served, and also many corrections of spelling errors frequently found in the records.

       Commenting is open to all, but is moderated; if you have anything to add to the information being presented please contact me, and I will update the information.  This project started out looking at the folks who served from the Essondale Hospital  /  Colony Farm institutions, but it became quickly obvious that there was a lot of overlap between the neighbouring municipalities, and also that there was many people who had been missed.

         The goal was to find photographs, pictures of the people who served, put a face to the name, sadly not very many were found. But the hope is that by placing the information online, eventually family or other researchers will point the way to some imaging, or more information about the people.
Lest WE Forget