Friday, December 4, 2015

George Davison

Essondale Honour Roll
George Davison  British Columbia Horse; 48th Battalion.  Essondale employee. George was born on the 21st of December 1884 at Wingate, Durham, England.
He signed his attestation papers on March 3rd 1915 at Victoria, B.C.  430311 worked as a horse shoer.  Parents: James Davison, and Mary Tunnah

He was married in 1920 at Nakusp, to Rosa(Rose) Hannah Gregory,( 1896 - 1979 ) both were living there and he was working as a blacksmith.
  George Davison died at home on the 6th of November 1943,  age 58 at Nakusp, he is also buried there, cause of death was silicosis; after a life of blacksmithing and mining, he had lived in Nakusp for 24 years, and in B.C. for 29 years.    
SERVICE RECORD:  3rd Pioneers,48th Battalion,  107th East Kooteney Regiment.He was giving part of his pay cheque to his widowed mother, Mary Davison, 1 Wyndgate Terrace, Wingate, England.  After demobilization he moved to Coal Creek, then Fernie; then Naksup.  He suffered from influenza, during the war, fully recovered, and got away unscathed from any other injuries.
NOTE: Not sure if this is the same fellow mentioned in the Honour Roll, but he does fit the limited information that i have the best.

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