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David Oadis Allport

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
David Oadis Allport    Corporal in the 131st Battalion.  791052       born on the 8th of September 1873 in Odessa, Ontario. farmer.  widow. SON: Elmo (Elms) Oscar Allport, Drafted 3352380   (23 July 1896 Jolliette, Quebec – ) David was active in the104th Regiment, and signed his attestation papers on the 16th of May 1916 in New Westminster, B.C.

WIFE: Elizabeth Jane Bell, ( 1875 – 1914  Port Coquitlam; complications from a  placenta praevia )  He remarried in Ontario in 1921 to, Emma May Burrows.
DAUGHTER: Beryl G.  Davisson, neé Beryl G. Allport ( 4th May 1898- )
Allport Family in the 1881 Census: Ontario, Lanark South, Elmsley North.
DAUGHTER: Carmen Allport
FATHER: Darius Allport 1842-1929
MOM: Marjory Honour Fuller 1850-1924 ( had 12 children )
Brother: Harry Warren Allport, (22 July 1885 – 1962 Smith Falls, Ontario) he homesteaded in  the NW sec 17 Twp 41 R23 W3, not far from his brother. Harry was drafted 305615Brother?:  Royal Garfield Allport ( 1893 - 1969 )

Excerpt from Battleford Sheet, (Saskatchewan)
Red square is David Oadis Allport’s crown grant and NE Section 24 Twp 41 Range23 W3 ( also:  SW Section 36 Twp 40 Range23 W3; . NOT on the above map, it would be directly below )
Blue square is Harry Warren Allport’s crown grant  NW section 17 Twp 41 Range23 W3
Another map of the land grants, taken from a geological map

The nearest town is Unity, Saskatchewan.

NOTE:  So unknown when David died, and also if he actually saw active service in Europe.

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