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Stanley Cooke Ballard

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
Stanley Cook Ballard, Stanley Cooke Ballard  131st Battalion   790398      Service File: PDF  Stanley signed his attestation papers on the 14th of January 1916, at New Westminster, B.C. His brother Norman Spencer Ballard, enlisted at the same time, both were living in Port Coquitlam at that time.   tinsmith. Later after the war a trucker.  Born on the 21st of February 1895  at Sandhurst, Kent, England.   Active: 104th Regt.

FATHER: Thomas Ballard 1866 – 1928
MOTHER: Frances Matilda Cooper 1865 – 1945

Married to Mary Chalmers
SON: John Thomas Ballard

Stanley Cooke Ballard, died on the 16th of December 1982 at the Burnaby General Hospital, Burnaby, B.C. and was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, in Burnaby.

The family immigrated from England in 1903 and the 1911 Census finds the family living at Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

SIBLINGS:  Frances Edith Ballard,  Thomas Sidney Ballard , (1890-1962), Percy Samuel Ballard,(1893-1964), Lillian Annie Ballard  "Rowland",(1897-), Norman Spencer Ballard,(1899-1966), Harold Edward Ballard,(1900-1976), Alexander Espenette Ballard,(1906-), Bessie May Ballard "McLeod",(1908-)

No. 15  Platoon

Top Row:  William John Reeves, Henry Ashley Jennings, Thomas Dickinson, Alfred Ralph Solloway,  Charlie Strand, George Royle, Albert William Buckett, Edward Lake, Isaac Simpson Robbie,  Francis James Robertson, Joseph Eugene Blais.
Second Row:  William John Theodore Ayling, Duncan Rodman, James John O'Donnell, William Ross, L. Paul,  Clarence Cecil Clarke, Sidney Cleave, Alfred Bert Mouldey, Cecil Henry Smith,  Major Forest Weeks, Robert Edward Mundon, J. Bruce.
Third Row:  Roland Roy Abbott, L.H. Wadlund, Ernest Hide, Harry Arthur Aves, John Henry McCormick, J. Reid, G.H. Nicholls, John Charles McInnes, Frank Johncock, B.L. Davis, R. Thoreson, C. Nicholls.
Fourth Row:  N.A. Craig, G. Johnson, D. McLeod, J. Clarke, J.A. Melton, J. Brown, Harold Thomas Routley,  J. Edwards, Alphonse Joseph Angelo, A. McIntyre.
Front Row: Lance-Corporal Thomas Mars, Corporal Andrew Fletcher Hill Moore,
                           Company Sergeant Major Richard Arthur Henderson, Lieutenant Ronald O'Hanley,  Company Quartermaster Sergeant L.G. Rayner, Sergeant William Thomas House, Corporal Leonard William Hookham, Drummer Stanley Cooke Ballard.

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