Sunday, January 18, 2015

Alexander Mainland Campbell

Essondale Honour Roll
Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
Alexander Mainland Campbell, Sapper. 13th Field company Canadian engineers, also in the 6th and 12th, Canadian Engineers.  Alexander signed his attestation papers on the 29th of February 1916, in Vancouver, B.C. Van.   504701  he listed his occupations as a  carpenter, concrete construction worker. He was working at Colony Farm, and his wife is listed as living there also with their children.  Alexander was previously active in the 91st Highlanders, Hamilton, Ontario.   He was born on the 3rd of November 1888, at Hamilton, Ontario. and died on the 14th of June 1929, age 41,  from a skull injury from a car accident in Burnaby, B.C. he was living  at Essondale, working as a stone mason.
        His wife was, May Farquhar ( Marie Farquhar?) they had at least two children: John Alexander Campbell,(1911-) and William James Campbell (1913- ); according to his death certificate the family moved here in 1911, which coincides with the birth of John Alexander Campbell.
       During his war service he received medical attention for gonorrhoea, and he suffered through a bout of influenza in 1917.  During the war his wife moved to Vancouver, then to Hamilton, Ontario; and it appears that the family moved back here immediately after the war, because an A.M. Campbell is listed as working as a manager for the P. Burns & Co. in 1920.
Alexander’s parents were: Alexander McNab Campbell, and Elizabeth Barlow

NOTE: also miss-spelled as Alexander Maitland Campbell.

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