Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thomas Cameron

Port Coquitlam Honour Roll
T. Cameron, probably Thomas Cameron 238th Battalion . Signed his attestation papers on the 28th of July 1916, at Vancouver, B.C.  1036961  working as a logger. difficult to read but his date of birth appears to read as 10th of June 1876 or 1874, but his death certificate probably has it correct at 10th of June 1868, he was born at Stellarton, Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Living in Vancouver, B.C., he was single. Brother: Jack Cameron,( John Cameron ? ) Hillcrest, Alberta.  Prior to serving he had been active with the 5th Militia Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.
        His Service Record, states that his brother is John Cameron, and also a sister, Barbara Cameron.  He was discharged early with a diagnosis of cirrhosis of his liver, and  nephritis in 1917.
The medical staff diagnosed him as an alcoholic, and he also acquired syphillis during his war time efforts.
Thomas died at the Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver, B.C. on the 20th of January 1929, at the age of 59.

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