Monday, March 16, 2015

Ernest John Crawford

Port Coquitlam honour roll
Ernest John Crawford  War Service Class "A" badge; 48th Battalion(3rd Pioneer); 7th Infantry Battalion    431186   Ernest signed his attestation papers on the 23rd of June 1915 at Victoria, B.C.  Job: locomotive fireman. He was born on the 25th( 28th) of March 1889(1890) at Waterford, Ireland. Mother: Jane Morrison.  Brother: Hugh Morris Crawford, Mount Merrion Blackrock County, Dublin. 
  Ernest married  at Vancouver in 1930 to Helmi Nygard (1907- 1967 ) They had at least one child: John William Crawford.
Ernest’s time in the army appeared to have been lively

So after having shrapnel damage his right hand and ear; then a little later shrapnel shoulder; later again shrapnel left wrist. He served three years and wanted more.
X-ray of his left wrist, Ouch! found in his service file.

Ernest John Crawford lived on past the war until the 18th of January 1953, when he died at St. Vincent's Hospital, at Vancouver, B.C.

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