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Wilfred Harold Coleman

Central School honour roll
Wilfred Harold Coleman  131st Battalion, 158th Battalion. 790559
   Signed his attestation papers on the 7th of February 1916  at New Westminster, B.C. He worked as an electrician Wilfred was born on the 29th of April 1896 at Boissevain, Manitoba. He was living in Port Coquitlam with his wife, Caroline  Martha Elizabeth Baird ( 1898 – 1960 ) they were married in 1916 at New Westminster  he was working as an electrician at this time.

Children of Wilfred and Caroline:

Dorothy Margaret Caroline "McChesney" ( 1916 - 1962         )
      she was married to  Joseph George McChesney
Marshall David Coleman ( 1920 - 1964 ) married to Joyce Estelle Merrick
Possibly more children to be found..

His previous military service was with the 158th Battalion, 104th Regiment, for a period of sixteen months. 
     His parents were:
Robert John Coleman 1873 – 1940 & Margaret Cecilia Meakin  1879 - 1965
They had numerous children see the other two Coleman entries on this blog, both are brothers of Wilfred.

Service Record:  He was designated as medically unfit on the 19th of September 1916 at the Vernon Camp.  He was previously for one month in the 158th Battalion from the 6th of January 1916 to the 6th of February 1916, then in the 131st Battalion from February until September 1916.  He was having troubles with abdominal pain, from a previous appendix operation.     He tried to serve his country.

Wilfred  died on the 14th of May 1968 at the Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, B.C. at the age of 67.  He had retired in 1960 and was living at 2212 Hawthorne Avenue, Port Coquitlam.

No. 14 Platoon( photo from the 131st Battalion year book, 1916 )
Top Row: G. Brown, Percy Gibb, Hosford Franklin Nagle, Leslie Lemuel Evans Goldsmith, William Gower, S. Brown, John Simon Whittaker, James Alvin Scott, J. Gourlay, F. Jackson, P.J. Leidmeier, Frederick Harvard.
Second Row: Marmaduke George Bateman, Ralph Wellington Atkinson, Herbert William Henry, Harry Gower, J. Walker, John Gleave, James Arthur Hayne, Joseph Ladoux, William Perry Patten, J. Stewart, D. Dougherty,(David or Daniel Dougherty).
Third Row: George Dalziel, J. MacKenzie, Justin Dorr, G. Williams, John Henry Griffiths, William Henry Lawrence, A. Henderson, Ernest Turner, Wilfred Harold Coleman, Walter John Wigmore, Edward Cadenhead, Abe Denson.
Fourth Row: Albert Richard Eden, David Gillies, James Glass, William Herbert Simpson, F. Grant, Ernest Austen, James Joseph Shea, Roy Torrence Hildebrand, Martin Marin Beadle, James Lyall Goldsmith.
Front Row: Corporal Harry Carter, Company Sergeant Major Richard Arthur Henderson, Lieutenant Vyvyan Chard Brimacombe, Lieutenant Keith Campbell MacGowan, Company Quartermaster Sergeant Leslie George Rayner, Sergeant Edward Groves, Corporal Robert Albert Victor Cheale, Bugler Victor Thomas Crispin.

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